CIRCULAR - 03 (DT: 12.06.2017)


Dear Principals,

This is regarding Attendance Register Maintenance. In this view, you are requested to instruct your staff members to write the attendance register in the following manner.


Ø  In June month page write the names of students as it was the month of April as it is without removing the drop outs.   

(Ex : Nursery students names should be entered in to LKG register)

Ø  Then add the names of new admissions at the end.

Ø  Maintain this for the whole month and don’t go on removing 1 or 2 dropouts and starting a fresh page.

Ø  At the end of June we will come to know the exact dropouts and the total present strength of the class.

Ø  This is just to do the follow up of the drop out students.


You are also requested to make the teachers and Admin staff to start doing phone calls to parents whose children have not reported today and this process should be followed every day. Please prepare the time-table of your branch as per C.O. weekly teaching hours allotment attached with this file only and send it to us at the earliest.


Thanking you,



Kakatiya Group of Schools,

Central Office,


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