About Kakatiya Techno School

The KAKATIYA inspires the aspirants, so the creative minds destinate towards the KAKATIYA

We, KAKATIYA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS are one of the best education providers in Andhra Pradesh from the pre-primary to 10th Class, have been successful in an uninterrupted and dedicated task of perfectly shaping worthy leaders of India as good doctors, good engineers, good human beings and professionally competent citizens. We feel, we have ignited in their minds a love for science, and through it, a sense of mission for achieving a developed Andhra Pradesh.

We proudly accept that, ocean of parents dreams came into reality by our uncompromising education system and educational reforms which were taken up for the cause of educating young minds.

Knowledge has many forms and it is available at many places. It is acquired through education, information, intelligence and experience. Knowledge is in surplus available in our academic institutions, with our best and experienced teachers. So, it is, established education with unlimited resources, evolving ingenious methods and outstanding teaching techniques for the aspirants.

We have created and evolved the best environment for the creative young minds by inspiring them to achieve their goals. Our experienced faculty focuses on imparting invaluable knowledge through sharp and shortcut methods and inspires the student to put their maximum capabilities to complete the given task devotionally.



  • A teacher tells
  • A poor teacher explains
  • A good teacher demonstrates
  • A great teacher inspires

The KAKATIYA inspires aspirants

Advanced technology for administration

  • We are successfully maintaining biometric attendance system of the students and staff.
  • Online communication for every minute with our satellite receivers (towers) for uninterrupted internet connection with the technical support of TATA telecommunication in every campus.
  • We are successfully using Video and Teleconferencing system to make interactive learning a unique feature in our system.
  • Transparency is our enlightening quality.

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