Kakatiya History

The Kakatiya group is the largest educational conglomerate with over 40,000 students and 3,000 experienced teaching and non-teaching faculty in over 66 centres, spread across 33 districts in TELANGANA state, KAKATIYA is the fruit of TENANGANA in hosting a plethora of school education with 11 years of experience in moulding the students to meet the needs and aspirations of the society. KAKATIYA has already got a good reputation in academic excellence by proving matchless results with aiming at all-round development of the child.

KAKATIYA group of schools has an identity to provide the best pedagogic service to the student community right from Nursery to class X through IIT and MEDICAL FOUNDATION courses along with OBJECTIVE TESTS from time to time with detailed analysis over each and every student.

The seed of KAKATIYA was sown in the year 2007 as a small branch at KHAMMAM for 137 aspirants where it was received well by parents and students of that region. This in turn motivated the management to spread the good deed to other parts of the state. Ever since KAKATIYA began it has been growing with benchmark at remarkable place. Providing global class education in a nurturing and fostering environment has been the purpose of KAKATIYA SCHOOLS since its inception. It was the visionary zeal of a team of four visionaries Sri. P.Seetharam Reddy, Sri. N. Venkat Reddy, Sri. Srinivasa Sharma and Sri. Rajeswara Reddy who were unsatisfied with the education being offered at that time, that led to set up a best school in TELANGANA state and their aim is to have a fresh outlook, a fresh approach to education and brought value addition to teaching that gave freedom of experience to students be more creative and innovative.

The KAKATIYA group is spreading slowly but steadily with day and residential schools to meet the demands of the parents to provide quality education and learning to their children. KAKATIYA schools offer a futuristic education, which unites an excellent academic preparation with development of character and confidence.

Later on after 2007, kakatiya group has been spreading all over Telangana state with huge demand from parents, well wishers, near and dear, since then year by year 1, 3, 10, 18, 37, 45, 50, 59,64, 65, 66 branches are being opened at various places in the state like Rangareddy district and Hyderabad city with 27 places, Mahaboobnagar district with 10 places, Medak district with 7 places, Karimnagar district with 10 places, Nalgonda district 6 places, Khammam district with 3 places, Nizamabad district with 3 places. List of branches are given here to have a glance over KAKATIYA.

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